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Those products won’t manage themselves!


As the co-founder of Indevelo, I have 20 years of software development and product management experience. I’ve worked across the retail, finance and hospitality industries primarily for companies like Morgan Stanley, Rackspace, USAA and HEB, as well as numerous start-ups in the Bay Area.

Software is now at the heart of solving real world business problems but often the technology and business teams don’t play well. Product Management is in the middle, representing the interests of what real-life customers want from your company, and our job is make sure the products are what customers want.

In offering Product Management-as-a-Service, we are single-mindedly focused on using technology to solve business challenges. Our goal is to get from napkin to launch as quickly as possible to validate ideas, get customer feedback and find out if a concept is worth pursuing.

We don’t spend years and millions of dollars doing this. We work in short delivery cycles to test out concepts and see what works, refining products constantly using customer insights. We use agile and lean methodologies to do this, letting us move fast and iterate around the ideas that work.

My name is James Beswick and this is the most exciting thing I have ever worked on. Technology is the key to meeting customer needs and Product Management is the missing piece to making it happen.


You know the least about a product when you first start building it. What features will customers like? What problems do users really have? The old waterfall approach to building software takes too long, costs too much and doesn’t account for what you will learn when users get involved.

We use lean and agile techniques to reach these answers with rapid experimentation and learning from what doesn’t work. Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) get an idea into the hands of your target audience as quickly and cheaply as possible. From there, you listen, improve and update.

Customer feedback and data drive the product to success. Technology gives us the tools to create solutions quickly, be flexible and always be releasing features that users demand. Unlike the old way, we embrace change and partner with our end-users to make something they will truly love.


We work with funded startups and smart-to-medium-sized companies in delivering new software products. Our clients are based in the US and Europe and we work with developers in the US, South America and Europe.

Our products are generally web and mobile applications built in Node, Python and JavaScript, leveraging the compute, storage, machine learning and security capabilities of Amazon Web Services. We also use open source products wherever possible to accelerate development.

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