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We build technology products on AWS.
We use agile techniques to build software
customers want. Faster.

Indevelo turns business ideas into software products.
From napkin to network in record time.

Small Teams

Teams are small, talented and fast. We focus on delivering features to customers that make software compelling.


We’re AWS Certified and build everything in the cloud. We can scale-out and tear-down at lightning speed with minimal cost.

Always experimenting

We build and test ideas quickly to find the ones that resonate with users. Make decisions with data, not gut instinct.

Where do you start?

We build software to solve specific problems for customers. We start at the problem and work backwards to find which solution provides the most value. We create in the cloud using agile techniques to make changes easily. Our approach enables us to evaluate multiple concepts quickly and test ideas with limited initial investment to find strongly-signaled technology solutions.

Cloud-based technology, from concept to launch.
What do you want to build?



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